Jerry Arnold Sarff Nov. 23, 1951 - Sep. 2, 2018

Jerry Sarff ~ R.I.P. Jerry Sarff, long time member of the West Bank Motorcycle Club has passed away on September 2nd, 2018.  

Since my memory can't be trusted anymore I did a quick (very quick) scan of some old Newsletters to see that Jerry was active from about 1978 to around 2008. I think he showed up for a ride a few times since 2008 and made a stop at Hell Hole a few times.

Here is the link to Jerry Sarff's Obituary

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  Hermann the German Ride Sat, Sept 1, 2018

On tap for the Sat Sept 1 ride: After Hermann the German we could try to get a brewery tour. They do not take reservations and we might only be 5 bikes.

    Schell’s Brewery Tours
* Pricing:* $5.00 – children 12 & under free *
* Tickets sold first come, first served the day of the tour *
* Saturdays*: *12:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00*. Ticket sales begin at 11:00 *

    About the Tour
Brewery tours typically last one hour. We start off in the Museum of Brewing with the history of the founding family and then depart to roam the grounds and learn more about the brewery itself. The tour ends with an assorted beer and 1919 root beer sampling in our Rathskellar Tap Room.
*Note: Our Tap Room is used exclusively for our tours. You must be on a tour to do the beer sampling.

Tours do go outside to see some areas of the brewery and steps are involved. Our tours do not go into all areas of production due to safety regulations. You will be able to view one of our bottling lines and you see our original copper brew kettle. Tour tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis the day of the tour. We do not take reservations for tours.

    Brewery Museum
Free Admission; Museum Hours: Weekdays: 12-5; Saturdays: 11-5; Sundays: 12-5

-- Peter Zimmermann

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  Hell Hole Ride Saturday August 18, 2018

Late Thursday evening Scarfy informed me that Hell Hole party is on again.

There is a ride, with a 10am leave, scheduled to go in that direction - No other details provided.

Hell Hole Lake: 24069 Cranberry Marsh Rd, Webster, WI 54893-9230.

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  Ride for Saturday August 11, 2018

The Sat. Aug 11th ride will go to the Lookout Supper Club for a rest stop and then onto Stockyard Days in New Brighton for the sign in.

The address for the Lookout is 8672 Pineview Lane N, Maple Grove 55369 and the address for Stockyard Days is Long Lake Regional Park, 1500 Old Highway 8 NW New Brighton I will have maps at the Eagles.

Stockyard Days will have an Antique Car run from New London MN to New Brighton that should have the cars arriving starting around 3:00 PM.

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  Another Xtra Ride on Sun, July 29, 2018

Jim Morin has planned a ride to Rivals Sports Bar and Grill in Wheeler, WI leaving Eagles at 12noon on Sunday, July 29, 2018.

Close by is the Hay River where we've been dippin' our bodies into the always cool waters many time in the past years - You may want to bring a bathing suit and towel.

NOTE: The linked maps are for reference only. Jim, as the RC, will be choosing the actual route.

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  26th Annual Pre-Strugis Hog Feed

26th Annual Pre-Strugis Hog Feed Sun, July 29, 2018 at The Joint from 12 PM - 6 PM rain or Shine.

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  In Memory of Greg and Sara - Sun July 8, 2018

Greg & Sara ~ R.I.P.
Join the West Bank Motorcycle Club to remember the passing, one year ago, of Greg and Sara.  

This will be at The Joint Bar, 913 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55404, starting at 1PM, Sunday July 8th, 2018.

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  Vernon Paul Eck July 17, 1935 – June 18, 2018

Vern ~ R.I.P. Vern Eck, long time member of the West Bank Motorcycle Club has passed away on June 18th, 2018.  

Vern was at the Highland Chateau Health + Rehabilitation Center in St. Paul after having been treated at the VA with lung and breathing problems. He had been to the VA 4 times in the previous 4 months.

Earlier this year Vern had planned to move into a 7th floor apartment of the Kenwood Assisted living facility where he would have a skyline view of Minneapolis.

Here is the link to Vern Eck's Obituary

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    Sat, 6/23 MidSummer Party is potluck RC:    

The MidSummer Party is at Anna's place, 18600 Duck Lake Trail, Eden Prairie, MN 55346.


Since this is a potluck event it will be appreciated if everyone brings something to share. WBMC will supply some of the basics like dogs, brats, condiments, buns & tools so you don't have to use your fingers too much.

Members that bring food in 4-wheelers will get a ride credit.

One more thing: Don't forget to bring a towel & swim suit if you want to engage in water activities.

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    Sat, 6/2 Ride Canceled - Breakfast still on RC:    

WBMC management has canceled the Sat, 6/2 ride due to very possible rain, heavy rain or down pours previously scheduled for the day.


Sounds like many that would have been on the ride will still show up in 4-wheelers for breakfast and discussions. Remember that breakfast is only served from 8am to noon.

Get there after 11:55 and it is possible that your breakfast order will not be taken so get there early and get a good seat at the table.


After I was told to post the cancel notice I see that Clay G. got on the Ride Schedule as RC for a 6/2 ride at 12:30 - if there are any takers. I'm thinking he's betting that the thunderstorms will go around his planned ride route/destination like it did on the Wed 5/27 Blacksmith ride.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for good weather.

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    Xtra ride scheduled for Sun, 5/27 RC:  Mark C. 

Mark C. has scheduled an Xtra Ride to Wabasha via Hwy 60 on May 27. Note that the leave time is 11:30 - which should mean 'kick stand up' at that time.


If you haven't found the Xtra Rides schedule just look to the left, below the Sign in Sheet link and above the Subscribe to links. Been there for a while now.

Xtra Ride schedule and Xtra Ride Count links are also on the Rides page. Xtra Rides are now included by default in the Ride Count list with a check box option to exclude the Xtra Rides.


I'll be sending out a 'Rides email blast' real soon now. If you expected to receive one but haven't gotten one then check your Newsletter subscription settings. It's part of the Newsletter signup page

Comments, suggestions, ideas, etc can be directed to

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    Youngest WBMC Road Captain to Graduate

Vinni made it to the second stage of manhood - Graduation from high school - and the unbridled freedom that may bring.


In case you don't recognize him in the above picture here he is with the long hair he had when he was riding with us.

Vinni would like to invite whomever remembers him to his graduation party.

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 May 02   Comfy ride to "Mac's Green Mill Bar", Le Sueur RC:  Peter Z. 

Warm and Sunny for a ride down the Minnesota River west side to Mac's Green Mill Bar in Le Sueur.


Starting off with breakfast at the Eagles Peter Z. lead a casual ride through congested traffic on 94 and 35 and on through Eden Prairie and Chaska for clear sailing down 40 into Henderson where we picked up 93 which deposited us in Le Sueur.


Finding parking at Mac's Green Mill was easier than finding the entrance to Green Mill as most headed straight into The Bar, whose entrance seem more inviting.

I'll now leave it up to someone else to finish off this narrative... I will tell you that I pulled into my driveway just as the first drops of rain intercepted my bike and body.

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 May 02   Screaming to "Nelson’s ice cream shop" RC:  Mike McC. 

For our first Wednesday ride 'tornado' Mike is taking us to Nelson's Ice Cream in beautiful Stillwater where the water may still be rising (1 foot below flood stage on Monday) and the boat traffic is running at idle.


For those wanting the beautifully crafted Ride Map made up by Mike, here is the link to the Ride Map .pdf file (164KB).


Now how about someone grabbing next Saturday's ride and a few others jumping on to the next couple of weeks rides. Don't keep us guessing.

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We are an all brands motorcycle touring club dedicated to the joy of riding and welcome all new riders.  
Join us for fun and riding twice a week - Wednesday at 6pm and Saturday at Noon. All you need to do is show up at Eagles #34, on your bike, ready to ride.

We are not affiliated with any other motorcycle organizations or clubs, although many of our members do belong to other groups.
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Hard work Often Pays
  Off After Time,
But Laziness Always
   Pays Off Now.
 Apr 28   First "Regular Club Ride" for 2018 RC: Loren G.   

On this warm Saturday, after the blizzard with over 15 inches of snow and 2-3 foot drifts just 2 weeks ago, the West Bank Motorcycle Club met at Eagles #34 for the start of the 2018 season. There was plenty of parking both in front and in the back in the 'Motorcycle Only' area. Also in the back there is a nice seating area for the smokers and those liking the outdoors better than indoors. On Wednesdays we may have to jockey for space with the dinner and Bingo crowd - we will see as the Wednesday rides start to add up.

All those that had breakfast were quick to say that it was not only very good but one heck of a value for the large portions received. Be advised that they usually stop taking orders by noon so get there a bit earlier than you may have been used to in past years at Whiskey Junction.

The ride got off at the usual 'West Bank Time' and started an uneventful run (only because there were no ‘boys in blue’ taking notice of us) leading us right on by the usual Whiskey Junction starting point and onward to North 35W.

Loren kept up the 'required' pace with the group keeping to a well order staggered formation through the fairly light traffic. Turning off on Lexington got us to the road styles most of us like and again Loren kept up a steady pace that made for a relaxed, comfortable ride.

Arriving at EJ’s Bar & Bottle Shop (They are now one of our sponsors so visit them when in the area) we were still in a compact group and entered the fairly dark premises, compared to outside, for a quick brew or pop along with conversations that covered more topics than can be conveyed in a few short paragraphs. Besides, “what you Hear on the road Stays on the road” - or something like that...

Not wanting to loiter at EJ’s too long Loren got us back on the road, heading South and West on Viking Blvd back to MarkC’s place where the &ldqou;First Ride Chili Feed’ was being set up.

On the road going to and through Coon Rapids made for a couple of short stops to wait for those held up by stop lights. Each was very safe and controlled, in my view, which kept all within the ride group.

The final stretch was on East River Road with a ‘are you sure you know where you are going’ final twisting into Mark’s driveway.

Food was out, chili hot, very good salad, more that enough sweets and eats for all.

Some would have asked asked for better weather, as for a little less bite from the cool wind, but for me it was close to perfect for riding, and standing, with the right riding gear - I was good in T-shirt and jeans. Interesting watching how the groups moved about trying to keep out of the shadows. A fair number of members not on the ride started showing up (and paying dues.) Looks like we are already up to 43 members listed (52 end of last year)

A few words from this years treasurer, Scarfy, and a call from Secretary Amy for someone to sign up for a few of the early years rides is all that interrupted the group conversations and eating.

After five, while a few people left and a few continued to arrive, the party atmosphere continued on. As you older members see faces you've not seen before introduce your self and make the new members feel welcome.

And as always - please be safe out on the road and especially careful when on the group rides. Please; make this a year with NO accidents (or fall down or close call/Oops events.)     ~hn

One last thing: I have no doubt that there are members out there reading this that can slap together a bunch of words that make the above look like a grade school ‘What I did this summer writing assignment’. Please, take some time to write up something dealing with club activities and send them in to the Editor at for the Newsletter or to the webmaster (or both) if you would like to share with the World Wide Web audience which is mostly West Bank Motorcycle Club members and friends. Please

  If there is some prose submitted I promise not to mention this subject again - really; you can trust me... (and the editor and myself will correct any spelling/word errors to make your writings look professional if you so desire.

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— 2018 “First Ride” is April 28th —

This Saturday is the first ride & the annual chili feed. Please coordinate with Mark Cady with your contribution to the pot luck.

We need the same things we use every year:

Sour Cream
Shreaded Cheese
Other dishes
Table cloths

Anything else you want to bring.     BYOB.

Napkins, Plates, Cups, Dinnerware & a case of beer will be provided by your club.

If anyone wants to come by to cook on Friday night or Saturday, Just show up.

Back door will be open Saturday.  Apartment #1.

Ride will leave at 12:30.  Riding to EJs bar.  Hang out for a bit then off to Mark's house.

We anticipate arrival around 2:30.

Party may go as late as y'all feel like. - There may be fireworks.

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— Xtra ride to “Spring Flood Run” - Not crowded —

The West Bank contributed at least 5 riders to the very light turnout of the 2018 Spring Flood Run®. With the very warm and sunny weather this was a bit of a surprise.

Starting early on Saturday morning I (Harald) removed a few cold weather items from the FJR, gave the tires a last minute checkup, looked for the oil stick to check the oil (Oops - wrong bike; look in the window) then headed out for gas and then on down to the Eagles #34 (Fraternal Order of Eagles, 2507 East 25th St., Mpls).

After almost running down the same route I've run for so many years before to the Whiskey Junction I corrected the route to continue on down Hiawatha to do a left on 26th then another left going back north on Minnehaha Ave. With just a slight bit of confusion finding a 23rd Ave between 26th and 25th I managed to hold on until the right on 25th got me to the Eagles.

Finding no bikes there I did a slow tour around the building to check out the parking situation and layout of the area. With the tour finished and their being no cars near the front door I parked it there. It's about 9:30 and already warm so it's off with the coat and get the camera out for some pictures of the building to use in future web and newsletter articles.

Wasn't long before Scarfy showed up on 4 wheels to see what they had to offer for breakfast. He latter said it was very good. During this time JimG and PeterZ showed up. A little after 10am 'Doc' showed up. After a very good Cherry-Coke, which included cherries, we milled around waiting for 'West Bank time' to roll around, just in case there would be late comers showing up. Times Up - mount up - Head out.

No one wanted the RC position so I reluctantly took it. Heading out from the Eagles is very easy. Head East to the stop light at the end of the block and head north to 94. You have the choice of either East or West. Because I had the GPS fired up I decided to follow it's instructions and head East - Good choice; Huh...

An uneventful, with light traffic, run to 61 South got us to Prescott in about 25 minutes. There were no lines of cars or bikes so it was an easy entry to the parking in front of and beside No Name. It's been many, many years since I've seen so few bikes at the Spring Flood Run where the weather was this excellent.

I grabbed some shots of the light crowd, bikes, people, more shots up and down the street and then headed on over to Boat Drinks to see if the rumor I thought I had read about it's closing was real.

Nope, Not real - Kerri at Boat Drinks greeted me with a big hug and told me that they are doing well and will be open for a long time. What a relief to hear that. I've got to have a few helping's of the shrimp's and oysters a few times during the riding season to make the end of a riding day complete.

Before noon it was off to Diamond Bluff's Nauti Hawg on a slightly different route than straight down 35. JimG and PeterZ followed me while Doc decided to go on 35 in a short while. Just after leaving Prescott there is 570th Ave which allows for a bit more of a interesting riding experience than 35. At the end of 570th there is QQ which took us back to 35 where we saw Doc pass by just as we arrived at the stop sign.

Hind sight now tells me I should have headed up to 10 and then Gas-Lite to take O. Well, there was not much sand on the back roads but why take a chance so early in the year. Diamond Bluff was calling me to relax on the deck overlooking the river with a refreshing liquid and a few friends for company.

At Nauti Hawg we ran into RonH to make it 5 WBMC members signed in for the 1st Xtra Ride. Could have used some sun screen. After listening to bunches of loud engines, many obviously in need to a tune up, it was time to either head further down the road or wander home. Home it was as Jan was waiting to serve me a fine evening meal.

For those wanting to see how crowded it was here's a link to a YouTube Video from the 2018 Spring Flood Run


If you look around on the web site home page, at the left side, and the Ride Page, you will see links not only to the 'normal' Ride Schedule but also the Xtra Rides schedule (I may combine both into one page with check boxe for the Xtra Rides).

OK - that's it for my contribution now it's your turn to get 'your stories' out on either or both the web site or newsletter. It's not hard to punch a few keys and send them to the Editor or Newsletter at

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— Late breaking confusion on “Flood Run” ride —

Due to lack of communications this first attempt at an Xtra Ride is totally FuBar. But we recovered...

I'll take some of the blame; for putting up the Xtra Ride Schedule before someone actually said they would be the RC and then I flubbed up on the initial blurb of this website saying it's 'On' then 'Off'; now 'On' again.

I've just heard that JimG and PeterZ will be at Eagles Club by 10am so I guess the powers of the club (Treasurer, Secretary, Road Captains, Safety, Ambassadors, 20Riders) may OK this as an actual Xtra Ride Credit ride. Because of the confusion it may or may not be fair to all.

Again: The ride meeting place will be at the Fraternal Order of Eagles, 2507 East 25th St., Mpls.

Do all the finger pointing, blaming, arguing you want but save some time to help put a procedure (for clear, early, communications of intent) in place before this happens again.

Hey; It's going to be a very nice day so enjoy it with whom ever shows up.  Do you think someone will have a signin sheet?? Guess who had it.

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— Anyone going to the “Flood Run” on 21st ? —

First off there will NOT be a 'Xtra Ride' for the flood run. Your Sat. is free from WBMC commitments.  For anyone that read the first draft - Sorry for the confusion. [Where's my proof reader...]

Can you believe we had a major blizzard last weekend. I can as my back and arms are still sore from shoveling. 'DeFrost Your Nuts' run was canceled - so sad.

Been a while since there has been an update on what will be happening this year. The new beginning of ride meeting place will be at the Fraternal Order of Eagles, 2507 East 25th St., Mpls.

Also known as Eagles Club #34, it is about a mile south of our previous home at Whiskey Junction. Follow Minnehaha south, hang a left on East 25th Street and after crossing 25th Ave. South you will see the Eagles Club on the right

With the creation of Xtra Ride Credits you will find a link to that schedule on the home page, left side below the usual Ride Schedule/Ride Count/Sign in Sheet links as well as on the Rides page under the top banner. The name for now will be Xtra Rides. If you can come up with a better name let me know.  

Looks like the snow is fast disappearing, roads mostly dry and a forecast of 'Mostly Sunny' with temps expected to be get up to around 57; may even go over 60 - Keep your fingers crossed.  

Mark C. asked for a Flood Run ride for Sat the 21st of April but no one grabbed for the RC position so there is NO Xtra Ride for the 21st. With the mild weather forecast I'm sure there will be a group heading out to Prescott this weekend. Keep your ears open and cell phones charged and on your person.

These Xtra rides should be scheduled at least 7 days in advance (after this one) with the Secretary. Conflicts will be worked out somehow or other. Schedule and not do the ride (without 2 days notice) and you lose one (or two) ride credits... Unless it's a really bad weather cancellation.

Well, lots of details still need to be worked out or we will just make it up as we go - which is probably good as it's worked out well in the past.

That's about it as I need to go check tires, oil and battery in the FJR along with finding my early spring riding duds.

One more thing; when you see Kathi Lee give her a 'Well Done' on the last two newsletters and encourage her to keep up the good work. Also pass on any interesting club news items, a ride report or give her a couple of paragraphs of copy that she can use for the newsletter. I'm sure she will appreciate the help.

Let's make this an 'Accident Free' year - Keep your head on a swivel and pay special attention to what the driver in or on the vehicle that is behind the vehicle in front of you is doing.

Fire them up and line up for another great year (the 49th I believe) on the open road for The West Bank Motorcycle Club. April 28th is the First Club Ride for 2018 - See you there.     ~harald

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— “First Wednesday” for April —

For the First Wednesday in April, that would be April 4th, we will be meeting at one of the contenders for our new ride meeting place; Memory Lanes, 2520 26th Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55406 (612) 721 6211.

If there are any other places you know of that would be able to accommodate the WBMC for their Wednesday and Saturday ride starting point please let one of the club officers know; preferably Mark C.

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  Road Captain / 20 Riders Meeting

I just got notice that the March 31st Road Captain / 20 Riders Meeting will be at Route 47 Pub & Grub 7820 University Ave NE, Fridley, MN 55432 | (763-444-1347)

So that the meeting can proceed in a orderly and timely manner let one of the officers know of any issues you want brought up so the issue/s can get on the agenda.
    Gavel down & meeting will come to order around Noon - maybe...

Don't forget about the April 7th General Membership Meeting; probably at the same place.

There may still be a foot or so of snow on the ground but it looks like April will start with temps of 40's and end in the high 60's (It's 50+ degrees on Sat, 3/18 at 3pm) so get out and give your bike a once over, especially the tires, so you know what to deal with before you want to hop on and take off for a ride.

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  5 Years ago at Drifters

Mark C. sent in this picture - Drifters July 24th, 2013   [click to download (4.5MB)] Drifters - July 24th, 2013

      See Photo Page; 2013; 07.24 Drifters

Don't forget about March 7th at Route 47 Pub & Grub

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    — “First Wednesday” for March at Route 47 Pub & Grub —    

Loren would like the club to give Route 47 Pub & Grub a try. Spread the Word...

Route 47 Pub & Grub | 7820 University Ave NE Fridley, MN 55432 | (763-444-1347)

Coming up on March 31st is the Road Captain/20 Riders meeting and on April 7th is the General Membership meeting. No location set yet but we'll find someplace

Oops! I'm sorry - Looks like I've forgotten to update the events page. Well for now how about you just look at the 2017 events and adjust the dates. I'll get to it Real Soon now...

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    — “First Wednesday” for February at Yacht Club —    

      Feb 7th: Northeast Yacht Club, 801 Marshall St. NE, Mpls 55413

Yacht Club has been reported to have good food (get the pork tenderloin sandwich), it's not busy on Wednesday evenings and has a parking lot. Spread the Word...

If you got any ideas for next one pass it on to Mark and others and/or post it on the Discussion Board or facebook.

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    — 2018 “First Wednesday” at Hexagon Bar Jan 3rd —    

Hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas and your New Year antics are, or have been, as you've expected. Try to get rested up on Tuesday.

The West Bank Motorcycle Club will be having our “First Wednesday” get together on Jan 3rd at the Hexagon Bar, 2600 27th Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55406   (612) 722-3454

Let's hope for a bit of a warm up, like to above zero, so there will be a good turn out. Pass the word...

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    — Last “First Wednesday” at Whiskey Junction Dec 6th —    

I'm sure that all the members and friends of the West Bank Motorcycle Club are sorry to hear of the closing of Whiskey Junction on Decenber 31st, 2017.

On Wednesday, December 6th the West Bank Motorcycle Club Membership will again have a “First Wednesday” gettogether at Whiskey Junction where we will surley discuss all of the wonderful times we have had there.

Tom O'Shea and Little Obregón along with their employees have always been more than kind in providing us with a gathering and meeting place along with excellent service.

We wish Tom and Little the best of luck in their future endeavors.

Below is a posting by Tom O'Shea and Little Obregón on their facebook pages:

Toughest decision!

After 12 great years of business, The Whiskey Junction will be closing its doors for good. Our last day of business will be December 31st of this year.

Unfortunately, after recent changes in the Minneapolis ordinances regarding minimum wages and primarily the lack of a tip credit provision, we feel now is the time to get out of the bar business. We fought for a voice to explain how minimum wage without a tip credit will be detrimental to the small bar and restaurant owners of Minneapolis but we were not listened to. Therefore its on to the next adventure!

I wish to thank our wonderful staff and customers who have been friends and family throughout the years. YOU are what brought us back every day and made working fun! We truly couldn't have done it without you, and we will miss you all.

Thank you!

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    — New date for Year End Party Oct 22nd —    

Weather outlook looks bad for todays Year End Party. Since we cannot come up with another place to hold everyone the party is rescheduled to tomorrow, Sunday Sept. 22nd 3pm, at Mark Cady's place. Yup, same are First of Year Party.

Mark's place, and driveway, is right next to the NE 4th St., NE 16th Av. and stop sign. You can't miss it.

Mark and Amy are also texting to inform everyone.

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    WBMC founder Richard 'Dick' Franklin passed away    

I just found out this week in an email from David Dumford that the founder of what became the West Bank Motorcycle Club had died on December 29th, 2016.

As David says: “Was WBMC founder in 1968. Many motorcycle rides and memories of Dick.”

Read some of the old newsletters here at News page; Really old newsletters

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    — Year End Party Oct 21st - Delayed to 22nd —    

Don't let the weather outlook fool you; earlier this week the forecast called for great weather for Saturday; Very good chance the weather will return to that state. Hope you've cleared your afternoon to join us at Anna's.  

Here's a link to the flyer with details
[NOTE: Pervious flyer map shows wrong address. Should be 18600 Duck Lake Trail ]

It would be a nice gesture if one person could come up before/after the awards and say something for each of the members that died this year.

If using Chrome browser and .pdf does not open try:
right clicking link and selecting ‘Open in new tab/window’
or see this link for possible solutions.

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    — Distracted Driving —    

Mark Cady's call to Distracted Driving discussion on MPR (Minnesota Public Radio).

West Bank Motorcycle Club red-dot divider

Sep 30     — Last "Scheduled Ride" —    

Here we are again - Nearly at the end of this seasons Ride Schedule. Guess that means the year end party can't be far off.

Well it's not. Year End Party will be on Oct. 21st at Anna's place in Eden Prairie. See the Events page for details. [TidBit: Average October temperatures are 58/40F. At least once every four years, snow comes as early as October but it's only about .6" on the last week or two.]

This also means that the Ambassadors (and other designated persons) should be paying a visit to the current (and past) sponsors to see what they are willing to donate to the West Bank Motorcycle Club Year End Party.

Any questions about the year end should be directed to the Treasurer, Secretary or whom ever has been willing to manage the Year End Party tasks.

If you have any words or photos you'd want posted on this site just send them to the WebMaster. I'm sure it will be appreciated by all the members, lurkers and readers.

Don't forget that our First Wednesday get together's will start just 4 days after the last of the Scheduled rides. Then there are always the impromptu get together's that can easily be setup on the Discussion Board - give it a try.

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Tue. Aug. 22       Steve Park Memorial Service  

The Steve Park Memorial Service will be at Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Tuesday, August 22, 2017, 11:45 AM at Assembly Area 5.

    Kindest Regards, Dar Park

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Sat. Aug. 19     38th Annual Hell Hole Lake Party 2017    

[The above link is to Facebook: Since it's a private event you need to 'Friend' Pat Cremin]

All the usual activities: Swimming, water slide, camping, bonfire, hay rides, etc.

NEW THIS YEAR: We will NOT be providing beer or rootbeer, due to cost and liability considerations. Everyone is expected to either bring a food dish or beverage to share or contribute to the general party fund. We are old farts now and can't shoulder the full costs and effort of putting on this extravaganza oursleves anymore... :)

Please coordinate food plans with Marlene or myslef... We will post a menu ahead of time to help coordinate the food effort. Anyone that can come early/stay late to help with the setup and teardown efforts will be especially appreciated!

We look forward so seeing all of our dear friends and family once again.

Pat Cremin has posted the below update for the Hell Hole Lake gathering.

We are trying a couple of new things this year. First, due to financial constraints, we will not be buying kegs of beer and root beer as we have in the past.

Secondly, we are asking people to sign up for bringing something to the pot luck. Please look over the list of generic stuff and let me know what you can bring. Any and all contributions will be greatly appreciated!!!

Call/text/email/message/post...  Thanks, Pat < >

Party Menu
Items  —>  Contributors
  • Fish Fry  —>  Pat
  • Corn on the cob/10 dz  —>  Pat
  • Gourmet surprise  —>  Marlene
  • Chicken/ BBQ sauce  —> 
  • Hamburgers/buns  —> 
  • Brats/buns  —> 
  • Hot Dogs/buns  —> 
  • Hot Dishes  —> 
  • Lettuce Salads  —>  Rosemary
  • Fresh Fruit  —>  Richie (I assume)
  • Cookies  —>  Marlene
  • Pies/Cakes  —> 
  • Taco Dip/Chips/Dips  —> 
  • Pancakes/eggs/toast  —> 

  • Beer/Wine  —>  (BYOB)
  • Pop/Root Beer  —>  (BYOB)
  • Milk  —> 
  • Iced Tea  —> 
  • Orange Juice  —> 
  • Water  —>  Pat

  • Butter – 4 lbs  —> 
  • Catsup, mustard, Relish  —> 
  • Salt and Pepper  —>  Pat
  • Ice Timbers Theaters (??)  —> 
  •   Ice  —> 
  •   Timbers/Fire Wood  —> 
  •   Theater/Drama  —> 
  • Plastic Silverware  —> 
  • Paper Plates  —> 
  • Solo Cups  —> 
  • Paper Towels/Napkins  —> 
  • Propane/2 #20 lb  —>  Pat

38th Annual Hell Hole Lake Party 2017

Since it's a private event you need to 'Friend' Pat Cremin; Also you will need to click the Party Menu... 'See More' link to see the menu list

Contact: Pat Cremin 715-497-2240 (cell) Email: or RSVP on Facebook

From Siren: 2 Miles N. on HWY 35/70; Roundabout; 8 Miles East On HWY. 70; 1 ½ Miles South on Cranberry Marsh Road; Fire (and party) sign # 24069 on the Right; Look for the Yellow Mailbox and party sign

Hell Hole Lake Map

24069 Cranberry Marsh Rd, Webster, WI 54893-9230

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Wed. July 26     Greg & Sara Memorial Ride    

Ron is taking the ride to Route 65 where we're having a ceremony for Greg and Sara.

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  Arnie Hymanson, April 17, 1947 - July 17, 2017

Arnie ~ R.I.P. Arnie Hymanson, member of the West Bank Motorcycle Club since about 2012, has passed away on July 17th, 2017.  

Here is a link to Arnie's Obituary article.

Here is the link to the Star Tribune Obituary, with Guest Book, for Arnold Stuart 'Arnie' Hymanson   [click 'Continue to site' to see Obituary]

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  We lost Greg & Sara ~ R.I.P.
Greg & Sara ~ R.I.P.

It is with a very heavy heart that I am reporting that there was an accident involving our members on Sat Jul 8, 2017 around 3pm.

Sara G. died at the scene. She was a passenger on Greg E's bike when Greg hit Neil T's bike, with Sherri on the back, which was turning right from Hwy 65 on to 184th Street in East Bethel.

Greg was initially listed in critical condition at Hennepin County Medical Center.

Neil and Sherri were listed with noncritical injuries with Neil at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids and Sheri at Hennepin County Medical Center where she is now listed in critical condition.

An update from Sheila is that Greg died and was put on life support to save his organs. Sherri was hurt more than reported by the StarTribune article.

       Please visit the GoFundMe page set up for Sherri.

More info from News outlet's can be obtained by googling "East Bethel, MN motorcycle accident".

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  Stephen Park 1.9.1951 - 6.6.2017 ~ R.I.P.
Stephen Park - R.I.P.

This is to inform the West Bank Motorcycle Club (WBMC) that Stephen Park passed away, at his home in Silver Bay, MN. on 6-6-17, of a heart attack.

There are no plans, at present, for an obituary, service or celebration of life.

The family plans to organize something a few months from now due to relatives from out of the country needing to make arrangements to come stateside.

I wanted to let you all know how important your friendship was to Steve.

For over 40 years he enjoyed involvement from rides, camping, parties and events with the members.

As his family mourns and prepares to bring his life full circle, I will contact you down the road with any public memorial. Stephen will be interred at Fort Snelling Cemetery.

Update 2017.07.23: The Steve Park Memorial Service will be at Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Tuesday, August 22, 2017, 11:45 AM at Assembly Area 5.

    Kindest Regards, Dar Park

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May 13     About our riding buddy Arnie    

Arnie 2016 1024x768 162Kb

Got this message from Clay about Arnie:

I spoke to Arnie this morning. He had major surgery and is in a long term care facility. It is unlikely that he will be riding with us this year.

It would be nice if more of us checked in with him from time to time. Arnie can be reached at 952-852-0605

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Apr 29     Great First Ride of the 2017 season    

Mark C. whizzed us around the cities parkway's in a spirited style. AFter the two+ hour ride we were ready to dig into the two kinds of Chili on the menu. One by Mike McC. and another cooked up by Mark C. Both were very high up on the very good to great list.

Along with the chili there were lots or side dishes, meat plates, coleslaw, fresh veggies, etc. I mean lots of side dishes with plenty of sweets to satisfy anyone.

There were 17 bikes on the ride and at least 29 sign in's with a few past members also showing up such as Mike & Karen Green and also Dave & Sandy Ellingson.

The weather was just wonderful with a few wanting or needing it just a bit warmer although the majority was very happy with the 55 degree, light breeze, afternoon.

Now to get the rest of the ride schedule filled up with great rides.

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Apr 29     First Ride of the 2017 season    

Mark C. will be leading the first ride, Apr 29th leaving at 12:30, along the parkway's with his place as the destination for a chili feed. See the Ride Schedule for address and map.

Mark asks that you give him a call if you are bringing something. You can also contact Carrie B. with the information. Do it now...

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Apr 29     "Five Minutes" - Mount Up for a ParkWay ride    

The Duck & Chicken on Harald's trunk 2017 1024x768 1.5Mb

Here we are again. First ride of the season. The Duck has waddled back to his place on the truck and the Chicken is now firmly belted into his chair. They are ready to go - How about you?

The Duck requests that all the girls, and guys, PLEASE - No 'choking the chicken'... He's had enough of that on previous rides. Look, don't touch - He's not as tuff as he looks. [or find me another 'dirty' chicken]

Ride Schedule, Ride count and Signin sheets are all ready for this year. If you believe your name should be on the signin and it's not - check with the Treasurer, Mark Cady.

The Ride Schedule and Ride Credits will be handled by the Secretary, Amy Thomas.

Lets make this a very safe riding year.   Keep your head on a swivel.

  Keep a close eye on the actions of the person behind the person that's in front of you...

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Apr 08     Defrost your nuts ride; Hudson Wisc    

A note from Mark Cady: A few West Bank brothers will be gathering at the Joint at 10am on Saturday for breakfast & on to the Defrost your Nuts ride in Hudson Wisc.

Defrost Your Nuts Run on facebook   Ride starts at the Mallalieu Inn; Ride is free. Riders will start showing up at 10:00am; The ride route will be known when you get there

Mallalieu Inn, 414 Wisconsin Street North, North Hudson, WI 54016

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Apr 05     First Wednesday with Birthdays    

This Wednesday will be the last 1st Wednesday for the 2016 - 2017 winter season so get yourselves down to The Whiskey Junction.

Sheila, our Editor will be celebrating her birthday at The Whiskey on Wednesday so be there to wish her many more.

All you other members, and non-members, come on down and join the fun.

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Apr 01     General Membership meeting - No Foolin'    

This is a meeting for all paid members from 2016 and those paying at the meeting. Voting for club officers and any other items on the agenda will be attempted.

If you want to have a voice in the club then plan on attending this meeting. It is again hosted by and at The Whiskey Junction with another Noon-ish start time.  Let one of the officers know of any issues you want brought up.

This is also a very good time to pay dues so your name gets on the Sign In sheet for 2017.

The Ride Schedule will also need all those empty dates for the first half of 2017 filled in - Road Captain anyone?.

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Mar 25     Road Captain/20 Riders meeting    

West Bank Motorcycle Club Road Captain/20 Riders meeting. This meeting will be hosted at The Whiskey Junction with a Noon-ish start time.  Let one of the officers know of any issues you want brought up.

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 Mar 01   Here comes the 2017 ride season    

Looks like it's time to wake up from my long winters nap and get some information out.

We still have a couple 1st Wednesdays before the club rides start. In fact the 1st of March is one of those Wednesdays.

Don't let the February weather fool you but then again those that store your bikes at dealers may want to get your rides out early just in case we are greeted with a very early and warm spring which according to some long range forecasts will be about 50's high to 30's low at the beginning of March to 60 by mid-March and mid 60's by the end of March - Not bad at all.

Now don't let the 1st of March snow, cold and wind get to you. Temps should be sliding into the 50s (or higher if you keep your fingers crossed) by month end.

I've got website tasks on my ToDo list so we should be ready to 2017 activities before rides start. As a matter of fact I see we have at least 3 rides already on the schedule.

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  "Doing a good job around here is like peeing in a dark suit,
      It makes you feel warm but nobody notices"    Jason Bolt
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  WHO WE ARE:  West Bankers are just people who love to ride.

     We ride twice a week and reward the most fanatic among us.
       Just a "weekend rider"?     Come ride with us on the weekend!

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  Feel free to send us your opinions - I'll pass it on to Dr. LockSprocket and the management.

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          ~ Previous News & Ride Reports are on the News page ~
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 Don't forget to Join the  Discussion Board and mailing List.  It's painless - join now.

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