June 3rd Ride Schedule 2020 restart  

On Wednesday June 3rd the West Bank Motorcycle Club will again have regular Club Rides leaving from the Joint. Keep your eye on the Ride Schedule.

Hopefully there will not be any changes due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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  First Club Ride 2020  
Boom Island Park ride route

On Sat April 25, 2020 those up to tempting fate can join in on the First Club Ride of 2020 by gathering at Mark C's place for a TBD ride. See the Ride Schedule which has a link to a map.

For this year ride credits will be given to 2019 members as long as their dues is paid before the end of club rides.

If you are going for high mileage get a picture of your odometer and send it in to get it recorded (I'd guess, as in the past, if you can find [or bribe] a 'member in good standing' to verify the mileage and place it on the signin sheet or email or snail mail it in - that 'may' work).

Everyone stay safe out there; And keep your distance while riding also - A cough goes a long way in the slip stream (staggered riding helps a lot).

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Harry The Hat ~ R.I.P.

Very long time West Bank Motorcycle Club member Harry "The Hat" Strand has passed away on April 15, 2020. He had been hospitalized around Christmas with heart problems.

Harry The Hat ~ R.I.P.

Best known as "Hat" by his many friends he had been a member since 1975 having completed 20 or more club rides during each of his 45 continuous membership years.

Top Hat award

So many wonderful things to remember about Hat. One of the best that come to mind right as I write this is in the days of camping where Harry and I would be the last ones getting up (or leaving) on Sunday morning at the campgrounds, finding everyone had already left.

We then slowly proceeded to slowly empty the hand sized, still cold containers of liquid (the ones you don't waste pouring on the ground unless they had been open overnight and really warm, bug or butt filled) so as not to have to carry the extra weight home. Talked about this and that and slowly headed home the long way around, sometimes the short way.

So many memories all of a sudden come flooding into the forefront of the mind in these days of 'cabin fever'.

"The Hat" will be missed by many. Will there be anyone else to match or pass his ride count. I think there is another 900 patch available.


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  Spring 2020 meeting  

Winter is over according to calendar; now into earliest spring in 124 years; it's March 23rd with a dusting of snow making for a nice clean look across the yards this early morning./p>

We are also now into a time we will not soon forget. Hopefully everyone is well and all those you know and care for are also well.

Just to be on the safe side it has been decided to push back the meetings for a couple of weeks (two or three). If someone has pressing business that requires a face to face meeting then email in details and something can be arranged as a tentative meeting place had been set up.

To repeat - The Road Captain/20 Riders meeting and General Membership meeting have been pushed back by at least 2 or more weeks which will be closer to the start of the first ride.

If anyone has an issue with this then use one of the tools that has always been available on this board - Email & WBMC Forum/Discussion Board [ Yes - you need to REGISTER first, it's easy]...

WBMC members that want to get their thoughts sent out to all that are reading this just send email to 2020meeting@westbankmc.org with clear subject, readable/understandable text and clearly state you want it published and it will be done.

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  March 4th is another 1st Wednesday  

Winter has been kind to us so far and with temp's at 40-50 this weekend my bike is near the door ready for an oil, brake fluid, antifreeze and battery change. And of course a tire check.

That will be after the March 4th 1st Wednesday get together for this month.

I'd guess the Joint will be the get together place with somewhere in the 6-8pm time frame for most of us.

Time to discuss club officer nominations and any other things that should be brought up at the meetings at the end of this month and the first Saturday of next month.

Add to your calendar: Last Saturday of March for the Road Captain/20 Riders meeting and first Saturday of April for the General Membership meeting; Both starting by noon and both at The Joint (unless there is a change).

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01/05/20 Look at that - It's 2020 already  

Where has the time gone. Forgot all about checking that the database survived another yearly crossing; updating the Events page; dozens of other little things that need a personal touch.

For club stuff I've got the Member and Sponsors List ready to add Members and Sponsors, Ride Schedule ready to be filled in and Ride Credits ready to be added.

And now there is the need to start on the bikes. The FJR battery let me know early last year it's close enough to the end of it's life that it better get a replacement real soon.

The BMW batteries, with the massive draw they must supply, must be in top shape so replacement is a must if I expect them to start the bikes as I finally get them tuned and running this year.

So as I went through the events page I see it's really not too soon to get started on getting busy. Besides, I can use the wrenching, bending, lifting time to count as exercising to count against my exercise time for both body weight loss and knee strength.

For the short month of February, That's how I think of February anyway, I'm getting my batteries, oils, brake fluids, tires and tools all lined up. Then as it warms a bit it's time for changing, switching and checking/re-checking all my nuts and bolts for tightness.

Hope everyone got the goodies they wanted for their rides. Don't forget to get your tags purchased and pasted on your plates.

Last Saturday of March is the Road Captain/20 Riders meeting and then the first Saturday of April is the General Membership meeting; Both starting by noon and Both at The Joint (unless there is a change).

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We are an all brands motorcycle touring club dedicated to the joy of riding and welcome all new riders.  
Join us for fun and riding twice a week - Wednesday at 6pm and Saturday at Noon. All you need to do is show up at The Joint, on your bike, ready to ride.

We are not affiliated with any other motorcycle organizations or clubs, although many of our members do belong to other groups.
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"Yak Shaving"

"Doing it well now is much better than doing it perfectly later."
   Dr. Seth Godin  


 You only live once.
But if you do it right,
 once is enough.
12/31/19 Closing out 2019  

I don't have much to say at this years end. Didn't get anything from the group to publish. Not much has been passed by me that I can print.

Last thing this year was a surprise 85th birthday party for Jim Carrol at the Embassy Suites Hotel on Sunday, December 15th. Jim was a member in the 70's. Heard there were some 20 or so West Bankers and friends present. Still waiting for the pictures I heard were going to be sent in.

With New Year on Wednesday and no one suggesting a location for a First Wednesday get together - Well I ain't heard nutin' as of today.

For Christmas and New Year one of my wishes is that members would be kind enough to supply some input to the website as it is here to support the West Bank Motorcycle Club.

To All, Have a Happy and Safe New Year and a prosperous 2020.

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  WHO WE ARE:  West Bankers are just people who love to ride.
We ride twice a week and reward the most fanatic among us.
Just a "weekend rider" ?   Come ride with us on the weekend!

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  Feel free to send us your opinions - I'll pass it on to Dr. LockSprocket and the management.

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"Doing a good job around here is like peeing in a dark suit,
    It makes you feel warm but nobody notices"     Jason Bolt

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