Stephen Park 1.9.1951 - 6.6.2017 ~ R.I.P.
Stephen Park - R.I.P.

This is to inform the WBMC that Stephen Park passed away, at his home in Silver Bay, MN. on 6-6-17, of a heart attack.

There are no plans, at present, for an obituary, service or celebration of life.

The family plans to organize something a few months from now due to relatives from out of the country needing to make arrangements to come stateside.

I wanted to let you all know how important your friendship was to Steve.

For over 40 years he enjoyed involvement from rides, camping, parties and events with the members.

As his family mourns and prepares to bring his life full circle, I will contact you down the road with any public memorial. Stephen will be interred at Fort Snelling Cemetery.

    Kindest Regards, Dar Park

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May 13     About our riding buddy Arnie    

Arnie 2016 1024x768 162Kb

Got this message from Clay about Arnie:

I spoke to Arnie this morning. He had major surgery and is in a long term care facility. It is unlikely that he will be riding with us this year.

It would be nice if more of us checked in with him from time to time. Arnie can be reached at 952-852-0605

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Apr 29     Great First Ride of the 2017 season    

Mark C. whizzed us around the cities parkway's in a spirited style. AFter the two+ hour ride we were ready to dig into the two kinds of Chili on the menu. One by Mike McC. and another cooked up by Mark C. Both were very high up on the very good to great list.

Along with the chili there were lots or side dishes, meat plates, coleslaw, fresh veggies, etc. I mean lots of side dishes with plenty of sweets to satisfy anyone.

There were 17 bikes on the ride and at least 29 sign in's with a few past members also showing up such as Mike & Karen Green and also Dave & Sandy Ellingson.

The weather was just wonderful with a few wanting or needing it just a bit warmer although the majority was very happy with the 55 degree, light breeze, afternoon.

Now to get the rest of the ride schedule filled up with great rides.

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Apr 29     First Ride of the 2017 season    

Mark C. will be leading the first ride, Apr 29th leaving at 12:30, along the parkway's with his place as the destination for a chili feed. See the Ride Schedule for address and map.

Mark asks that you give him a call if you are bringing something. You can also contact Carrie B. with the information. Do it now...

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Apr 29     "Five Minutes" - Mount Up for a ParkWay ride    

The Duck & Chicken on Harald's trunk 2017 1024x768 1.5Mb

Here we are again. First ride of the season. The Duck has waddled back to his place on the truck and the Chicken is now firmly belted into his chair. They are ready to go - How about you?

The Duck requests that all the girls, and guys, PLEASE - No 'choking the chicken'... He's had enough of that on previous rides. Look, don't touch - He's not as tuff as he looks. [or find me another 'dirty' chicken]

Ride Schedule, Ride count and Signin sheets are all ready for this year. If you believe your name should be on the signin and it's not - check with the Treasurer, Mark Cady.

The Ride Schedule and Ride Credits will be handled by the Secretary, Amy Thomas.

Lets make this a very safe riding year.   Keep your head on a swivel.

  Keep a close eye on the actions of the person behind the person that's in front of you...

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Apr 08     Defrost your nuts ride; Hudson Wisc    

A note from Mark Cady: A few West Bank brothers will be gathering at the Joint at 10am on Saturday for breakfast & on to the Defrost your Nuts ride in Hudson Wisc.

Defrost Your Nuts Run on facebook   Ride starts at the Mallalieu Inn; Ride is free. Riders will start showing up at 10:00am; The ride route will be known when you get there

Mallalieu Inn, 414 Wisconsin Street North, North Hudson, WI 54016

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Apr 05     First Wednesday with Birthdays    

This Wednesday will be the last 1st Wednesday for the 2016 - 2017 winter season so get yourselves down to The Whiskey Junction.

Sheila, our Editor will be celebrating her birthday at The Whiskey on Wednesday so be there to wish her many more.

All you other members, and non-members, come on down and join the fun.

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Apr 01     General Membership meeting - No Foolin'    

This is a meeting for all paid members from 2016 and those paying at the meeting. Voting for club officers and any other items on the agenda will be attempted.

If you want to have a voice in the club then plan on attending this meeting. It is again hosted by and at The Whiskey Junction with another Noon-ish start time. Let one of the officers know of any issues you want brought up.

This is also a very good time to pay dues so your name gets on the Sign In sheet for 2017.

The Ride Schedule will also need all those empty dates for the first half of 2017 filled in - Road Captain anyone?.

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Mar 25     Road Captain/20 Riders meeting    

West Bank Motorcycle Club Road Captain/20 Riders meeting. This meeting will be hosted at The Whiskey Junction with a Noon-ish start time. Let one of the officers know of any issues you want brought up.

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 Mar 01   Here comes the 2017 ride season    

Looks like it's time to wake up from my long winters nap and get some information out.

We still have a couple 1st Wednesdays before the club rides start. In fact the 1st of March is one of those Wednesdays.

Don't let the February weather fool you but then again those that store your bikes at dealers may want to get your rides out early just in case we are greeted with a very early and warm spring which according to some long range forecasts will be about 50's high to 30's low at the beginning of March to 60 by mid-March and mid 60's by the end of March - Not bad at all.

Now don't let the 1st of March snow, cold and wind get to you. Temps should be sliding into the 50s (or higher if you keep your fingers crossed) by month end.

I've got website tasks on my ToDo list so we should be ready to 2017 activities before rides start. As a matter of fact I see we have at least 3 rides already on the schedule.

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We are an all brands motorcycle touring club dedicated to the joy of riding and welcome all new riders.  
Join us for fun and riding twice a week - Wednesday at 6pm and Saturday at Noon. All you need to do is show up on your bike, ready to ride.

 - Join us at -

No bike?
Come on down to see us anyway.

We are not affiliated with any other motorcycle organizations or clubs, although many of our members do belong to other groups.
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