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01/05/20 Look at that - It's 2020 already  

Where has the time gone. Forgot all about checking that the database survived another yearly crossing; updating the Events page; dozens of other little things that need a personal touch.

And now there is the need to start on the bikes. The FJR battery let me know early last year it's close enough to the end of it's life that it better get a replacement real soon.

The BMW batteries, with the massive draw they must supply, must be in top shape so replacement is a must if I expect them to start the bikes as I finally get them tuned and running this year.

So as I went through the events page I see it's really not too soon to get started on getting busy. Besides, I can use the wrenching, bending, lifting time to count as exercising to count against my exercise time for both body weight loss and knee strength.

For the short month of February, That's how I think of February anyway, I'm getting my batteries, oils, brake fluids, tires and tools all lined up. Then as it warms a bit it's time for changing, switching and checking/re-checking all my nuts and bolts for tightness.

Hope everyone got the goodies they wanted for their rides. Don't forget to get your tags purchased and pasted on your plates.

For club stuff I've got the Member and Sponsors List ready to add Members and Sponsors, Ride Schedule ready to be filled in and Ride Credits ready to be added.

Last Saturday of March is the Road Captain/20 Riders meeting and then the first Saturday of April is the General Membership meeting; Both starting by noon and Both at The Joint (unless there is a change).

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12/31/19 Closing out 2019  

I don't have much to say at this years end. Didn't get anything from the group to publish. Not much has been passed by me that I can print.

Last thing this year was a surprise 85th birthday party for Jim Carrol at the Embassy Suites Hotel on Sunday, December 15th. Jim was a member in the 70's. Heard there were some 20 or so West Bankers and friends present. Still waiting for the pictures I heard were going to be sent in.

With New Year on Wednesday and no one suggesting a location for a First Wednesday get together - Well I ain't heard nutin' as of today.

For Christmas and New Year one of my wishes is that members would be kind enough to supply some input to the website as it is here to support the West Bank Motorcycle Club.

To All, Have a Happy and Safe New Year and a prosperous 2020.

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We are an all brands motorcycle touring club dedicated to the joy of riding and welcome all new riders.  
Join us for fun and riding twice a week - Wednesday at 6pm and Saturday at Noon. All you need to do is show up at The Joint, on your bike, ready to ride.

We are not affiliated with any other motorcycle organizations or clubs, although many of our members do belong to other groups.
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"Yak Shaving"

"Doing it well now is much better than doing it perfectly later."
   Dr. Seth Godin  


 You only live once.
But if you do it right,
 once is enough.
11/23/19 Carla Zimmermann - Celebration Of Life Party  

Nov 7 · 'Alright, folks. This is the easiest way to get this information to everyone. The Celebration of Life party for Carla Zimmermann will be on November 23rd. It will be held at Sky's home at 38472 Casselberry CT, North Branch, MN, 55056.

We will begin at 3pm and go til whenever. We don't really want to put a set end time. There will be chilli and deserts, water and soda. BYOB for anyone not drinking soda or water.

I'd like to get somewhat of a headcount going, so if you are planning on attending, could you please leave a comment on Nicole Sheridan facebook page?

And if you know someone who is not on Facebook, could you relay this information? Thank you all for your patience in this, and I hope to see you on the 23rd!'

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  What's coming next    

Well, I've seen ice on the bird bath on more than one morning now; snow flurries more than once and maybe again on Monday and Tuesday; official club rides have come to a close; Year End Party is another good memory - What's Next before the 2020 season starts?

Oh Ya - It's time to once again re-start the 1st Wednesday get togethers. This year we should probably start at The Joint. Other ideas for December and beyond - start a discussion on - where else but on the WBMC Forum/Discussion Board. So easy to subscribe that I'm not going to place a link here as there are already two links within easy reach.

Come on - give it a try. It will give you something to do other than shoveling snow and waiting to get your bike out of storage.

Meet for this first 1st Wednesday on Wednesday, November 6th, at The Joint at around the normal ride leave time of 6:30 or so, WBMC time, to share your stories of your current/past/future rides or other adventures with your friends and others.

If I'm in any shape to be hobbling/walking after getting my new knee, and the meds allow me to see/steer straight, I'll also try to make it. Yup, I'd be crazy enough to do it.   But don't bet on it...     ℋ  

Operation for 2nd knee replacement, this time on right knee was on Oct 31st. Went better than 1st one in 2011. This time woke with knee straight and much less pain.

I thought first time around was pretty easy but this time was even easier (that is until all the pain meds wore off and the exercise got serious.) Once the swelling goes down just a bit more and I figure out what is trying to drill and chisel it's way out from behind/under my knee cap at night I'm gonna be hop'n and skipping around the block and maybe finding a pair of ski's to take a spin around the lake behind one of my old parachutes...

Getting my stitches out tomorrow; Not looking forward to getting the snowblower out so will hold off on that; Haven't heard anything about the last 1st Wednesday; time for a couple Oxy+2+exercise+rest...+ a shot or 2; Night all.

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  Year End Party 2019.10.19  

The West Bank Motorcycle Club Year End Party for 2019 was held on Saturday, October 19th during great weather. Jeannine and Chris, with their helpers, did a great job on the setup and food.

Their estate was a perfect spot for our moderate sized group. There was plenty of food and lots of sweets. Nice to have a fire to gather around and the pumpkins carved by Chris with WBMC lit up the night.

After most of the food was devoured Scarfy got started with the awards presentations.

Of the 50 dues paying members this season there were 22 that got the 2019 year patch for making 20 or more rides this season.

Jim Goette, Mark and Sandy Wiltse each earned Life patches. These are for 5 consecutive years of 20 or more rides a year [equivalent to a 100 ride patch]

Mike Brier earned a 200 ride patch for 2 sets of 5 years of 20+ rides in each of the years in the 5 year sets.

Harald earned his 400 ride patch finally. Out of 44 years, with a 19 year forced biking/skydiving/having fun layoff for traveling/work and baby raising from 1981 to 1999, it's not a bad number.

Harry ‘The Hat’ Strand earned his 900 ride patch. That's 45 years of 20+ rides per season! Now that's one heck of an accomplishment.

The High Mileage Award went to Jim Morin with 7,957 miles squeaking past Mark Cady by a mere 170 miles. Little more than a good old Saturday spin through the twisties for a late lunch.

Thanks to Jeannine and Chris for hosting; Jeannine for doing a great job of pulling all the numbers together to get the right awards to the right people; Scarfy for getting the patches and those behind the scene that I didn't get the names of that helped out.     ℋ  

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 10/19/19 Year End Party 2019  

The West Bank Motorcycle Club Year End Party for 2019 will be hosted by Jeannine and Chris on Saturday, October 19th from 5-10PM at 2349 Mayfair avenue, White Bear Lake, MN 55110.

As much as they love doggies they do ask that you please leave your doggies at your home.


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Carla Hennessey O'Neil Zimmermann ~ R.I.P.

West Bank Motorcycle Club member Carla Hennessey O'Neil Zimmermann has passed away on October 10, 2019.

Carla had been a member since at least 2008.

One of the many things I remember about Carla is of the great caricatures that she had drawn.

Some caricatures were of me, drawn on the sidewalk in front of Whiskey Junction and other caricatures in the sands of the road at our favorite swimming spot on the Hay River in Wheeler, WI.


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 09/28/19 Last Scheduled Club Ride ~ EJ's via JR's Outpost RC: Loren G. 

Sunny, warm, for fall, day for the last scheduled club ride for the 2019 season. As usual the noon leave was done using the WBMC clock as we waited for the riders going on the Debauchery Run to leave. A few of the West Bank Motorcycle Club riders also headed out to PD Pappy's which was the 3rd stop of the Debauchery Run.

Once Loren got us underway and as we cleared the congestion on 94 it was smooth riding up to 252, 610 and north onward to 10 to JR's Outpost, our first stop. Those that did not have breakfast at The Joint had a filling JR's Outpost Jimmy's Burger with the egg on top and a side of either onion rings or tots. After gabbing a bit it was back on the road, sunshine warming us ever so slightly but fall still making itself felt.

That intersection of 22 and Hwy 65 is one nasty piece of work; Must have been a very interesting set of construction meetings coming up with that design.

Getting closer to EJ's Bar & Bottle Shop we came upon a hundred or more bikes roaring opposite us, going west. They couldn't have stopped at EJ's? - there'd be no refreshments left. Then there was a second, slightly smaller group that thundered by. They were followed by a large number of vintage cars and trucks. Most in car show, just polished condition with a few showing their age in a patina of rust colored splendor.

Once at EJ's there were more and more groups of cars and trucks, spaced out at about 5 and 10 minute intervals, ushered through the intersection by the local deputy sheriff.

An interesting item came to light as a familiar looking large group of bikers roared by from west to east on 22. Seems this group had earlier came up 17 from the south, same as the cars and trucks and the sheriff's deputy routed them west just like the cars. Doh icon & Oops - they should have gone East. Well, nice day for an extra few miles. Hope they all started with full tanks.

It was such a good time watching all the bikes, cars and trucks roar by that I completely forgot to get the camera out even as I saw that there were many others doing exactly that; What is happening to me; Am I turning into a passive spectator... or just getting lazy...

Those that went to PD Pappy's and other places earlier showed up and others not on the original ride also appeared. After a while, close to when a few were getting ready to leave and the meat raffle was dying the West Bankers came to the rescue of the meat raffle by getting in on the action and shelling out a few dollars for a chance to take home a Ribeye or Porterhouse. I made a sizeable donation in hopes of a Porterhouse or two - I say donation as I gave but didn't get... Must have been the big guy in the skys way of keeping me on my diet so I didn't screw up getting my knee operation.

A little more lip flapping, story tellin', rumor passin', people asking about the year end party so they can make plans, talk about fall rides, places to find the best fall colors, who has sales/closeouts on summer gear/tires and of course politics surfaced for a brief time. And a note that it seems to be getting a bit cooler as the breeze picks up as the sun goes behind the darkening clouds after 4pm.   Time to head towards home. Sure wish I would have taken my hundred pictures of the bikes, cars and trucks that I could have peppered this article with...

I see the counter up there on the upper right side is counting down to the 1st credit ride of the 2020 season already and this is the 2nd year I didn't need to do anything to keep it running/updating on it's own. Now if the Ride Schedule auto-updates for 2020 then everything associated with the Database, Ride Scheduling and Ride Count should be good until 2025 and hopefully beyond...

Fall cleanup; bike fixup, winterize, check all nuts and bolts, make note to order battery in early spring for FJR; fix brakes on BMW's; then relax over winter - What's your plans...     ℋ  

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 09/13/19 Only 5 Scheduled Club Rides left in the 2019 season  

I believe the ride count sheet is up to date as of the 9/7 Palmer Lake VFW ride. If you think that your ride count is not correct then contact the Secretary.

  Doh icon Oops - just did a last-second check and I see the Wed, Jul 03, 2019 ride to Lisa's Place, Carver, MN RC'd by Mark C. shows no ride credits. Time for me to check the DataBase...

Found the signin stuck behind the email that also contained info about Lisa's Place sponsorship. Now all signin's accounted for.

After the schedule is finished there will still be plenty of rides. If you want to post a ride drop me an email (either to harald, webmaster) and I can plaster it on this page.

Better yet is to start a ‘After/Before Season Rides’ topic, or something else others will relate to, on the WBMC Forum/Discussion Board. Then anyone that has registered and follows that thread will get an email when someone adds to the topic.     ℋ  

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Kevin Kocur ~ R.I.P.

Kevin Robert Kocur, West Bank Motorcycle Club member from around 1987 - 1991 and again 2006 - 2009, died unexpectedly on August 13, 2019 from natural causes.

Kevin was the skinny guy, never wore just a plain T-shit, was into many bike types, along with many non-bike related things.

Full obituary at .

 You will not be forgotten ~ You will be remembered. [Once something is on the Internet it's there forever]


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Carol (Bumpers) Fisher ~ R.I.P.

West Bank Motorcycle Club member for many years Carol Fisher, affectionately known as "Bumpers" by her many friends, has passed away. Initial report from Larry Stitzel indicated that Carol had several strokes and was comatose for some time before quietly passing away.

Carol was an active member from the mid '70 into the 80's when she trucked on down towards Omaha way via the west coast. Carol was always fun on the rides; on the road, at the rest stops and laughing it up on the Saturday overnighters around the campfire's.

Carol stopped by at the Hell Hole in 2008 and again at the Year End Party in 2014 for the express purpose of seeing old friends and 'paying her dues' to get on the club roster again. She told me she "didn't want to be forgotten". She was proud to be part of the WBMC.

Carol stopped by at the Hell Hole in 2008 and again at the Year End Party in 2014 for the express purpose of seeing old friends and 'paying her dues' to get on the club roster again - "I want to make sure I won't be forgotten" - She was proud to be part of the WBMC.

Then there was also the skinny dipping in the Sunrise, the Lil' Brook running through Gay's place in Prairie Farm, Hay River, Gas-Lite, BAB (Bare Ass Beach/Twin Lake) and a few other places the old timers are sure to remember now that's it's been brought up again.

 You will not be forgotten ~ You will be remembered. [Once something is on the Internet it's there forever]


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08/21/19 Rides start from "The Joint" — again RC: Open 

The West Bank Motorcycle Club is moving to 'The Joint', 913 Cedar Ave S., on August 21st, 2019.

Yes, you heard right - The Joint

A little history: The West Bank Motorcycle Club started out at the University of Minnesota as the University Motorcycle Club.

In late 1969, after a name change to the West Bank Motorcycle Club it was off to the Riverside/West Bank area and Viking, 400 and Triangle Bars.

Finally settling on the Triangle Bar until the end of 1971. Then as the club grew it was time to move to more spacious quarters at The Joint/Cabooze for 1972 to 1979.

The West Bank Motorcycle Club's first ride out of The Joint was on April 29th, 1972 to Tom Carroll's place for a "get acquainted party". [April 1972 Newsletter].

Next it was a short hop next door to The Golden Leaf, renamed in 1984 during an owner change to Whiskey Junction, for 1980 to 2017.

On Whiskey Junction's closing the club scrambled to find a new meeting place. After checking a couple of places we selected the Fraternal Order of Eagles, Eagles #34, for 2018 to Aug 17th, 2019.

- Thank you Eagles; We very much enjoyed the time there and your hospitality was very much appreciated.

Starting with the Wednesday, August 21st, 2019 ride, it's back to The Joint - life does sometimes seem to go in a circle.

I have been told the management of The Joint is happy to have us. I've also been told there will be food service available so get there early; Don't make us wait for you to finish eating...

Come on down and make it a happy house-warming party type of event.     ℋ  

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Pat is again opening up his marvelous section of land around his private lake for us to enjoy with him and Marlene.

This is a family event so any mode of travel gets ride credit. Read the flyer. Treat his place as you would treat your own. Let's all enjoy ourselves, be respectful of any of Pat's or Marlene's requests, leave the place cleaner than you found it and most of all get home safely afterwards.


Here's another link to the 40th Annual Hell Hole Lake Party flyer.     ℋ  

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07/31/19 Smokey's Pub N' Grill RC: Jim M. 

Jim was persistent; shouting out the countdown from 15 minutes to 5 minutes. He did get the group rolling pretty close to the "kick stand up" time. Jim got us out of town quickly on 35 then east on 36 and finally North on Manning where we were almost out of any noticeable traffic.

On getting to 97, or Scandia Trail, we were all together and about to enter one of the better parts of the ride (IMHO). One thing about the route was that it was so well laid out that with a group that would maintain a close riding order there would have been no need for corner markers. Come to think of it I don't think we did use any up to this point - maybe one, two - maybe...

So now a left on 97 and a right on 2 and we are on what I felt was another of the better parts of the ride. Taking the North Shore Trail/North Shore Drive around Forest Lake was a nice drive but I would also like to be riding as passenger where I could fully take in the scenery and take lots of pictures. It was a wonderful part of the ride.

And so we finally spilled out on Broadway Ave where we just kept going and going west until we got to the T where we only had two choices, Left or Right. Choices! Don't need to make no stinking choices, Jim's leading, we just follow - to the right of course.

And that's about it; Only thing left is a slow meander down a tree lined country road and there was Smokey's Pub N' Grill.

The place was packed but the service was pretty fast, for me anyway. Food looked really good and the portions look quite large, I would say Huge in many cases.

If you were not on the ride I would say to you> Grab the map (here's the link), head on out, enjoy the ride, grab a half or full slab of ribs, sit an hour to digest and relax - then slowly head home satisfied.

Smokey's Pub N' Grill, 552 Lincoln Dr, Coon Lake Beach/East Bethel, MN 55092

(651) 464-6046     ℋ  

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07/27/19 Mark & Sandy's Pool Party RC: Mark W. 

Lots of good comments for a great ride. Mostly all were eagerly awaiting to get into the cool waters of the pool and at the food they knew would be waiting there.

The day was perfect; Comfortable temperature, slight breeze. Pool water crystal clear and just the right temperature before getting into the water and when getting out of the water.

A few jumped straight into the pool and others grabbed some of the great Sloppy Joes and beans along with fruits and veggies before diving in.

A couple of people made good use of the high powered squirt guns to annoy people up to 30 feet away with well placed shots in the face. Others got unintentional Frisbee hits to the head and other body parts.

Along with water balloon throwing, back flips from the diving board and the guy hogging the noodle to just lazily float the length of the pool multiple times, it was obvious every one was having a good time at Mark & Sandy's Pool Party.

  the noodle worked real good to beat Mikey over the head a few times to slow him down on his squirt gun antics...

As things started slowing down Mark got on the horn and blew out some sounds that he said were songs - OK...; Every one did enjoy the playing and even asked for more.

It was very nice of Fred to do pool clean-up. I hope everyone thanked Mark and Sandy for again having the West Bank Motorcycle Club over for another Pool Party.     ℋ  

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07/20/19 50th Anniversary Party at Gas-Lite RC: Anyone 


Looks like it will be best to ignore the forecasts for Saturday and head on out to the 50th at the Gas-Lite looking for the cooler temps and a bit of wind to cool and keep the bugs away.

With the recent rains the Trimbelle River, a little creek most of the time at the Gas-Lite, will be flowing fast, deep and cool and waiting for some splishing and splashing by those that show up.

For those that may not know this is a family event and getting there by any means will get you a ride credit.

Hope to see many old timers there; I'll have extra batteries for the camera so please don't hide those smiles. Lets get lots of pictures for a 50th album. There may be someone, or more, around for the 100th that may be interested in what we were up to in the past...

On July 20th, 1969 the first human footstep was placed on the surface of the moon by Neil Armstrong. Were any of you glued to your TV to watch this event? I was; with the same well worn camera I had during my second tour in Vietnam I was clicking away hopping that I was getting at least a couple of good shots off of the old black & white tube. They were grainy but I had a half dozen good slides. Now if I could only find them among the hundreds stored away somewhere...     ℋ  

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07/10/19 Greg & Sara Memorial ride RC: Neil T. 


The July 10th ride to Route 65 Pub and Grub will be a memorial ride for Greg & Sara.

Mark it on your calendar so we can have a good turn out in remembrance of Greg & Sara.


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06/23/19 Sun Xtra Ride Report: Brookside, Marine on St. Croix RC: Fred D. 

I arrived at the Eagles about noon. Waited until 1:15. Only 3 of us showed up - Me, Myself and I.

The weather report wasn't looking good at all but I went for it anyhow. No heavy rain, just minor sprinkles on the way there.

After I arrived at Brookside I had a quiet lunch with a $2 Hamm's to keep me company as I waited for the clouds to move on out and the sun to make a showing.

  On the way home it wasn't so dry as it was on the way out there.
--     Fred Dischinger

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06/12/22 HammerHeart Brewing via Patriot Ride & EJ's RC: Loren G. 

HammerHeart Brewing Ride ramblings by harald

Plan was to get to the Anoka Airport and hang around for a bit but...

Patriot Ride Staging, Anoka Airport, June 22, 2019

Just as we got into the left turn lane to enter into the Anoka County Airport the first of what looked like a very large group of bikes was starting to head out.

The police had all traffic stopped as they waved the bikes through. After a long wait I believe Loren talked to one of the officer and was told this was the 6th and last group of bikers heading out. Loren must have asked nicely if we could jump out of the left turn lane and latch on to the tail end; Must have got the OK because that's exactly what we did.

We were now at the tail end of an early years Flood Run worthy, mostly roaring Harley chromed & shined mounts. This and previous groups of riders are now on their 70 mile Patriot Ride route.

It was a nice ride with police holding the intersections open. Plenty of kids, teens, parents, grand parents, people of all ages waving and saluting. Riders waving and saluting back - weaving back and forth across the lane/s while doing so.

The ride pace was mostly smooth and speeds within 'this is boring' to 'I can finally get to third' to 'this is nice' to 'catch-up-time'. And of course the one corner with half-dozen large crusier, Harley bikes near, at, around a 90 degree corner with a couple of people frantically waving to slow down.

Well, we were already at 20 or under with bikes front tire to rear tire. Probably just me; I had to grin, shake my head a bit - such an easy corner, steeply banked, full view...   Couldn't see any bike in the weeds. Must be the muddy one; maybe got too low at the inside of the corner and hit the mud.   Doh icon

Not much farther down the road was a place we had been to a time or three before and Loren broke us out of the tail of the group and into EJ's parking lot.

Some gabbing, a refreshment and before long it's back on the road again heading off to the final destination of the HammerHeart Brewing Co. on Lake Drive in Lino Lakes.

There we find a small, almost hidden Nordic log cabin looking building housing a cozy, rustic taproom with a shady, breezy outside seating area that was more suited for us than a taproom.

Great place to stop for a Nordic-inspired craft beer right where it's brewed.

~     harald (can't prove I was there - not in any of the pictures)

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06/16/19 Sun Blind Lizard this Sunday  

42nd Blind Lizard  (Yes, this is a Sunday; Yes, it is also Fathers Day; Yes, it's a great time)
Founded in Minneapolis in 1975, the Blind Lizards Motorcycle Club meets exactly one day a year.

See Events page for details and other goings on.     ℋ  

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06/12/19 Ride Report: Boat Drinks, Prescott, WI Fred D. 

Keeping it Simple; We went to Prescott, used some of the same roads we used in the past and stayed out of traffic as much as I could.

Got some positive comments from some of the long time members. Smooth ride!!!.
--     Fred Dischinger

Additional ramblings to Boat Drinks Ride Report by harald (not proofred or cornrected)

I found this to be a very enjoyable, stress free, smooth ride. From the start we flowed smoothly to Franklin, over the Mississippi and made it through the light on to East River Parkway in one group. I've had a dislike for that light for a long time, short timing and no turn on red (long time riders will know what I mean) - but I think I'm better now (that the light timing and intersection has changed).

So - Heading south on East River Parkway at a leisurely pace we rolled on to Mississippi River Blvd and made it around the sharp hair pin of Shadow Falls Park without incident even though some did try to fall back and then make like road racers, but with lots of red tail lights showing just before the apex to give away their riding style.

Next interesting view was the very large, no HUGE, vacant lot once occupied by Ford. That's a lot of weeds behind those fences that could be peeked at under the wind blown back black tarps hanging on the chain link fences. Gotta take a bicycle trip out there one of these days to see if there is anything interesting going on or hiding in the background areas.

Another zig and a zag, a name change to Shepard Road and we get up to a brisker pace on the mostly straight stretch heading towards Highway 61. Now here I wondered, as I saw that Fred was turning left, going North on 61, was Fred wanting the 'Wrong Way Mel' button? - Nah; Can't be - Fred's too good of an RC to do that kind of a stunt just for a button. He's got a plan. It was probably on the map that I gave away before I took the time to read it.

Within minutes the group is thundering east on 94 keeping slightly ahead of the cagers racing at breakneck speeds to get someplace that must be really important.

Didn't take long at our current rate of gas consumption to get us to a familiar turn off to go find Indian Trail and meander on down it's tree lined smooth road to meet up with another wonderful route we all know so well, Stagecoach Trail a.k.a. Country Road 21, Heading into Afton.

One of these days I'm gonna ride as passenger on those roads so I can look around, take dozens of pictures for remembrance and enjoy the scenery; maybe even sit backwards on one of the runs - you bet there needs to be more than one run; In both directions; both fast and slow. Same goes for many of the highly twisted WI roads.

That about covers the ride, except for the last tight left hander at the end of St. Croix Trail where again there were lots of red from the brake lights on those that held back and then rolled it on before shooting into the corner - and of course down the hill. Hope you'z all have checked your brake pads [especially the fronts]. And you Harley riders take another look at the backs. (OK, just kiddin – I'm sure most of you'z also use the fronts)

Rolling up to Boat Drinks there was Kerri, looking very happy to see us, waving to us from the top deck. Every one rushed in to get orders in for refreshments and either pizza or the jumbo shrimp and I may have seen an oyster plate or two. One thing I have noticed is that the West Bankers are some really wonderful people, always offering to share a bite of two to their friends. That is so great to see. Now if you try to get between me and MY Shrimp - you bet I'll growl at you first and then if you get too close... Well, just ask 9 finger Charlie what happens. Ever hear the saying "Mine - NOT yours". Sometimes asking real nice works but... also look for the smile/grin.     ℋ  

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06/12/19   See anything funny...  

On this website that is. Got notice from our ISP (the people hosting this website) that they have updated some of the software.

This may cause 'some things' (that's a hard to explain technical term) to not work correctly on all browsers and devices, some of which can be hard to spot at first quick glance.

I've done a spot check on my desktop system with Firefox and Chrome, also a loaner LG Stylo 3 cell phone [WiFi only] and didn't spot anything unusual so now I'll leave it up to those browsing with the various devices to let me know if they spot anything unusual.
    (my grammar and spelling errors do not count as unusual)

It's a slim chance those with ChromeBooks, Tablets, Macs and cell phones will be affected. Those on cell phones going after the Ride Schedule, Ride Counts and Signin Sheets; Well, you let me know if you're getting scrambled displays/data. Don't forget to refresh the display before deciding it's bad. The cache can/may causes all kinds of strange problems that suddenly go away after a refresh or two.

When you respond please include any error messages, your device (desktop, tablet, cell phone) and type, browser; and a description of what you did, expected and actually happened. Most of all something better then 'It didn't work'.

This is one time I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll hear nothing so that I'll have nothing to do...

    Hey - You Jokers & yokers out there - no fake/dummy error reports...     ℋ  

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06/05/19   2nd 4th of Ride Schedule starting  

Here it is the evening of the 4th of June with thunder rumbling overhead and large rain drops splashing loudly on the roof. I'm sure the weather people are correct that tomorrow will be fine riding weather for the start of the next quarter of rides.

A quick look at the Aviation weather shows good from Wednesday through Saturday. I'm gonna hold on to that and not look any further.

Now all we need is to get an RC and ride destination placed on the schedule. I remember many years when there were arguments starting from the RC/20 riders meeting and GM meeting on who gets what ride.

Guess this is just one of the slow years or it's getting harder to find places the club has not visited. I know it is hard to find a park that will allow our kind of 'visit' even though we always leave the place cleaner then when we get there.

OK - Back to coding/debugging my little uncooperative menu icon to poop out a menu to the upper right... it worked yesterday; I think... I gotta get back on the bike.     ℋ  

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06/01/19   1st 4th of Ride Schedule completed  

Was a bit of a wet, ruff start but from the ride count it looks like there were plenty of hardy riders able to tackle the elements - or the elements were not as bad as they may have looked from indoors.

Lately the forecasts made it sound worse than it ended up being. Lots of the weather went around our riding area which suits me, and I'd guess many of you, just fine.

I haven't been able to make the rides lately but I am glad there are those that have taken on the task of RC'n a ride or 2 or 3.   Thank You.

Now if someone [or two to three or more] would just send in a paragraph of more [spelling and grammar don't count] it would go a long way to keeping this web site looking like it's doing some good for the club.

As for me I'm hacking away trying to make the front page a little more cell phone friendly where you will be able to easily access the ride schedule, ride count, signin sheet on those tiny screens.

I'm almost there; It's one of those two steps forward and one step back since I don't have but one small cell phone with no cell service; but the WiFi service works good and is much cheaper. Hope to see more of you'z guys and gals soon'r than latter. Keep safe out there.     ℋ  

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04/26/19   First ride may be wash out Mark C.

Maybe unsafe to ride but not to Party

Looks like there will be rain and possibily a few flakes of the white stuff showing up around ride time on Saturday so at this time the decision is to have a party starting at 3pm.

Come by any means you like; 4 wheels, three wheels, two wheels, one wheel or get some exercise and ski on in. All will get a ride credit - That is if you have paid your dues by the end of the day...

I would imagine Mark will be getting the tarp up as in past years if it looks like more than a on/off drizzle else I'm sure he'll have a 'full house'.

  BYOB and cold/chilly weather gear with something to keep that liquid sunshine from soaking down to your underwear.

Ya know - like all rides with bad weather on the horizon... It may look bad at the start but then it usually gets better and then before you know it the sun peeks out; it may then not be the warmest and driest but it ends up being not so bad. Lets look forward to the best of the possible conditions and hope for that outcome.

Hope to see many of you there; Don't forget your dues. Scarfy- remember the receipt book; Someone volunteer to take photo's. A couple more take on the task of dragging in some warm, sunny weather. Hey Milo - Send some up this way - Quick...

  3PM Sat 4/27, 1535 4th Street NE, Suite 1, Mpls, MN 55413

    Mark Cady

      Here's a link to get you very close to Cady's place. Can't miss it.

Update 4/27 3pm Weather persons were very wrong for twin cities. Beautiful day, sunny, 6-7 bikes and around 40 persons showed up. Lots of food; 3 large pots of very, very good chili.     ℋ  

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    Let the riding season begin...    

Real soon now the first club rides will be getting started from Eagles #34. Look off to the right to see the count down to the First Ride ‘kick stands up’ - Maybe add an few 10's of minutes or more...

Looking at that count down just now I think I've figured out why we've been leaving closer to 1pm. It's possible members/RCs looking at the count down timer during the off season (and assumed it's correct) had not realized that for about the last 10 years or so it's been long by an hour; counting down to 1pm instead of noon. Yup, a coding error/bug, darn CST - DST switch. Now that it's corrected let's see how we do... I will now return to my abnormal self.


This first ride will be another of Mark's Chili Rides. I'm sure we all appreciate the efforts Mark goes through to host us. Don't forget to thank Mark for his hospitality and generosity - especially the use of the bathroom.

I don't know if anyone noticed but at the Road Captain / 20 Riders Meeting and also the General Membership meeting no one brought out a Ride Schedule sheet. Yup, the guy that usually pulls one of these out from somewhere screwed up and forgot all about this one thing this one time.

Instead of waiting until the first ride how about You'z guys and gals scratch your heads a bit and see if you can come up with some unique rides and get them on the sheet earlier instead of latter.

How you ask... Well; Since the Secretary position is not fully staffed and operational at this time how about you send in your ride date, RC name, destination, leave time and any notes you want added to Treasurer at or you can also shoot them to the webmaster.

Wonder where previous rides have gone? Look at the top right of the web site Ride Schedule sheet and select a Year and up will pop the schedule for that year. So how about thinking of some interesting places to go and sign up as Road Captain and lead the way.

Here's an interesting idea... Register on the WBMC Forum/Discussion Board and discuss rides, destinations and whatever... Feel free to suggest changes/additions to the forum topics.     ℋ  

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 04/06/19  General Membership Meeting    

This years General Membership Meeting will be on April 6th at our usual starting place, Eagles #34

So that the meeting can proceed in a orderly and timely manner let one of the officers know of any issues you want brought up so those issue/s can get on the agenda.
    Gavel down & meeting will come to order around Noon - maybe...

Issues brought up at the Road Captain / 20 Riders Meeting and new issues from this meeting will be voted on so be here to make your wishes known.

We need more members to become active and volunteer. Not sure what the jobs involve? Ask the officer and I'm sure they will be more than happy to fill you in an the duties and obligations of the position. I'm also quite sure that an offer of a helping hand would not be turned away.

You've now got about 3 weeks to get your ride ready for the first ride. Mark Cady has already offered up his place for another Chili feed.

There are also lots of empty slots on the Ride Sheet so how about thinking of some interesting places to go and sign up as Road Captain and lead the way.

Now on to the future - Scarfy has already secured the use of the Gas-Lite Bar & Grill grounds for the West Bank Motorcycle Club 50th Anniversary Party - pass the word... contact all the old timers you know... More info will be posted/distributed as we close in on the date.

I know; I need a proof reader/watchdog... or someone to gobble up those extra dots I keep dropping... look it up.

And thanks to every one that actually looks to this web page for news once in a while for not mentioning that I've forgotten to mention that it was the last ‘First Wednesday on April 4th’.

Sorry; I've been really busy catching up on 20+ years of neglected spring cleaning (which actually breaks down to throwing away 20+ years of projects of the mind only). And now I've got the BMW to work on hoping to take it to the meeting...

~ Oh, Oh - Sat forecast: Showers likely, with thunderstorms also possible after 1pm... Darn...     ℋ  

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 03/30/19   Road Captain / 20 Riders Meeting    

The Road Captain / 20 Riders Meeting will be on March 30th at our usual starting place, Eagles #34

So that the meeting can proceed in a orderly and timely manner let one of the officers know of any issues you want brought up so those issue/s can get on the agenda.
    Gavel down & meeting will come to order around Noon - maybe...

Don't forget about the April 6th General Membership Meeting where the issues are voted on - same place, same time, many more people.

Snows almost gone and April temperatures are expected to start in the 50's then start a roller coaster climb to finally stay around 70's by May.

Time to get out to your bike to give it a once (or twice) over paying special attention to the tires, brakes, brake fluid & battery, so you know what you should deal with before you want to hop on and take off for a ride. Also touch/twist each nut & bolt to see if any are loose.

You did put your 2019 tags on your plates     ℋ  

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 02/06/19       February 1st Wednesday    

Now that the January deep freeze is over it's time for another get together at Eagles #34

Meet up on Feb. 6th at the normal ride leave time of 6:00 or so to share your stories of your battle with the cold snap.


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 01/02/19       Closing out 2018 - Welcome to 2019    

First thing for 2019 is the 1st Wednesdays get-together on 2 Jan. at Eagles #34

Meet up at the normal ride leave time of 6:00 or so.

For those that are not into tracking the passing of time let me inform you that this year is the 50th year of West Bank Motorcycle Club rides.

Let's make this a banner year; one where everyone pulls together to give those that will follow something to talk about with pride.

It's only a couple of months to the yearly meetings and then riding starts. Not too early to come up with routes and start discussions on the officers selections.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe New Year and I promise I'll get the rest of the 2018 photo's posted real soon now - which I finally did.


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