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    It doesn't happen by accident

It's now 2010 so it's once again to be thinking about safety. And I gotta say that it's 'MY Safety' that I'm most
 concerned about.  Don't be going something 'stupid' that is going to hurt me...
There seems to be a couple or three or four that are not paying attention and also feel they need to jump ahead of cars and trucks or they are keeping cars and trucks from changing lanes   ---  STOP IT  ---

Question:  If the tail gunner (Tail Rider or last person in the group) sees people/club riders deviating from the ride route what should they do?

Answer:  The tail gunner has a responsibility to the club, its participants, and corner markers. Once people deviate from the ride they are not riding with the club and are on their own. Corner markers are usually in an increased risk area and should not be left out to dry or to decide "How long should I wait". They should be assured that the tail gunner will be coming very soon. The greater good of the many outweighs that of a few lost souls.

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I'm sure that the safety officer will find many more links to good information to keep your ride safe

Yearly Safety tips you should all know by now:

  • Before you leave home make sure the bike is safe to ride - this includes testing the brakes
  • Make sure you've gotten into your 'safe riding attitude'
  • Learn to use that front brake
  • Do your talking at the rest stops. Concentrate on what's around you on the road
  • Playing iPods/radios, smoking, talking, etc while group riding = accident waiting to happen.
  • Loud pipes save lives - bull... They anoy pretty much everyone...
  • Your Old tires may look good but that hard rubber don't stop so good.
  • Learn to use that front brake
  • - it's well worth repeating

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